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i dont wont tu sit bi him — he pindhez me and seratdhez me, and no wun can belev enifhiig he sez, and he olwez gets everi- Digitized by Vj OOQIC 18 IN MORZ DISTRICT.

bedi in trubul; and eur foes se feat 35 me better sit bi fee est windo; cant J sit fear?

Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. D., FRINSIPQL ev TH8 QCAD8MI OV s Ie NS AND QRT AT RIDd OZ, N. ; FOBMBRLI PROFBSOR ©V NATl^Ra L Si ENR IN TH8 YUNIVKR8ITI AT LIIISBURO, pa.; OTHOR 9Y TH8 EL8MBNT8 «V ©RTH08PI, TH8 TENTIB SCUL, SILVIQ DUBei S, EL8HENTS ev jee GRQFi, se LOMe Nz sei, th8 fisher FAMILI, TH8 LARI8UN FAMILT, REMINr SSENSBZ e V SCUL LIf, •TH8 CLQS QBROD, etc. The encurojig w G in hwidh sum hu red the first instolments ev ftie articul, spoc ev it, indqst flie ofhor tu publisfh it in buc form. odd, dot, what; or, corn, all ; oil, toy, spoil; out, how, town; pay, pipe, open; rip, arm, roar; sing, ceil, sister; od, dot, hwot. The nevelti ev the affar, and fiie cenfidens bi the master accorded them that the wud du wcl, and be obedient and industrius hwarever the mit be, inspird edh with a determinesfhun tu du ttionz best, and tn so deport thonself that nether the master nor eniwun els cud hav coz for regret for ttie cen- fidens hwidh in them he had repozd.

About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. Tn accemplisfh ttiis at flie lest pessibul ecspens, befor ttie tips with hwidh edh several instolment in the jurnal had bin printed, wer distributed, ttie wer yuzd tu print ttie pejez hwidh neu eenstitut fliis buc. Uwil we wer her engejd in studiand in resitesfhun, the pi'ezident ev ttie trustez dhanst tn pas the sculheus.

In formig fee pozzesiv ces ov wurdz endig in Zj we hav yuzd, in printig, hwot sum hav log practist, wife advantej, in specig, a ful inflecsfhunal sillabul. The apostrofe, az fee sin ov fee pozzesiv ces, az beig at feis stej ov development ov our laggw GJ, oltugefeer sqperflqus, we hav discarded. Az Sie buc me fol intu the handz ov sum hu ar not rederz ov ttie jurnal in hwidh orijinalli, ftie matter woz printed, and hu ma not be acowented witti the alfabet Digitized by Google 6 PREFGS. So, hwil at Morz — ttiat wez the nam ev die district— i had tu du littul els ttian tu tedh and ta enjei the gud thigz with hwidh ttie pupilz and the empleierz envirund me — sev hwen sum miscreant, in the sihap ev a nq pupil, for a fq dez, engrost mi atten^un and sumtimz mi enerjiz.

yuzd in printii) wurcs i^ihiid hi fte Fonic pvblishii Q h^ti Sy W8 her submit TH8 FONIC ALFQBte T. a a e b c d e g h i J J 1 m 11 o 9 O 01 eii P r s 4h Ce wu RDz. In the mornii) ev the first da ev the term, az i nerd ttie sit ev ttie sculheas, i wez met bi a lad abeut twelv yerz old, huz sicofantic ceuntenans boded evil, and, at wuns, as Aiurd me that i had, at the lest, wun trubulsum pqpil.

That ftiar ar meni errorz in fee velum, feoz hiii med it, ful wel no. Ov the pupilz sitig upen ttie ruts ev the Ire and upen Bie relz arrenjd for sets, fhre wer hiz dhildren — tu ev hum wer gron olmost tu wumanhud, wun ev hum, ttie felloig sprig, began in a neborig distiict az a mistres ev a district scul.

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We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. So, at uther fhigz i plid mi handz, az the directed.

Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. Woter wez net handi; the wurc ov carriig it wez serius, and veri laborius.

We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. In fiiis, Messed tu help; but hwen ^arrivd wifii the first tu pelfulz, several ec Hprest surpriz aud premptii proscribd eni furfiier wurc ev that cind.

Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. Digitized AVI \ -^ ' m ■■•-/- -^ C '^ ' ^- '^ '^ ' ^ • * '' ' ,, ,(/ .. '- ^J Tm /-; L -W Enterd accordii) tu Act ev Ceggres, in tiiie ysr 1898, Bi C. LARISUN, 'Jn*^5HB^s ev tiii E Librarian ev Ceggres, at Weshigtun, D. — In far(her cemplians wifli thez i-ecwests, (hez Heminissensez gv a t Echer hav bin riten. So, hwen the tim for colig soul anivd, we gatfaerd beneth a lorj oc in fiie iieborii) forest, upen huz ruts and upon fens relz for the purpus ev benclhez ficst, we proseded tu ttie soul wurc ©v the a Piernun.

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Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. The matter ev hwidh (his velqm iz med, apperd in the Jvrnal qv orthospi and orthograjij az a serial, eestendig from Febru Gri, 1896 tu Pebrueri, 1898, inclusiv. Her assembuld, lit harts vid wifii lit harts in resitii) lessunz in redig, in histori, in jeografi, in grammar, etc.

For fein rezun, in ritig, az in specii), in fee ces ov fee ofhor, an attempt iz mad tu yuz fee verbz, wo, gro and dro, az if, in ecfh CGS, feez verbz form fee preterit and past parlisipul regularli ; feus, n Oy nodj nai^^ nod; gro, grod, groiv^^ giod; dro, drody droir^y drod — levig fee formz noriy gron and dron tu be yiazd adjectivli, az in fee ecspresfhunz, a non ritei\ a wel gro7i planty a hastili dv Qn CQuclxizhvn. Hwen ttie wether wez cold enuf for fir, J wez in the Bculheus tu erli for eniwun ta presed me tu mec a fir, — oltho ttie pies at hwidh i horded wez mor ttian fhre milz aw G, — so brisc wez i at wocii).

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