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She may not have been in Yanka's league, but few women were.It amazed her to see Tim with a stiffie, despite the pain, and despite having cum earlier.Connie suddenly realized that she hadn't put her skirt back on. She felt naked with the skirt off, but how could she put it on without coming across as prudish? What the hell, she thought, he's already seen the goods, so the skirt remained on the chair. " "I don't know; eight, nine million." "And what do you do for living? "Oh yeah, I'm part-owner of Donkey Productions." "He's a producer," Yanka said, somewhat optimistically. "Nobody turns me on like you." "Look how hard he is," Yanka pointed out. "He's as straight as they come," she said, "but he takes it in the ass just to please me. " "Oh baby, you know it." Yanka's demeanor suddenly changed. It's light, easy to handle, and it can do a lot of damage...don't worry, nothing permanent." Connie was impressed with the control Yanka had over him."In five minutes he could replace me with a dozen girls, but he stays with me. That's why I love him." And that was Connie's introduction to the power of a woman; a power that until recently she scarcely knew existed. "Stand up, arms behind your neck, and if you flinch I'll give you double." Tim bravely took all off the pain his mistress dished out. To be fair, she was so sexy that Connie had been left speechless when they were introduced.She took the plunge, cracking the whip against his butt cheeks using moderate force. "We don't want to ruin him; I might need him to fuck me tonight. Should she try it with Brad, and that was far from certain, he'd have to cum. Maybe it was guilt over inflicting so much pain on poor Tim, but without any provocation something came over Connie.

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He now had to service his fiancée, and service her well.

Connie was half-expecting a weirdo, and maybe he was, but what she saw was a handsome and virile young man brimming with vigor, not to mention a normal-sized penis, which seemed innocent and refreshing after all the ones she had been recently exposed to. "Hey, you're not bad." Connie had lost ten pounds, a combination of exercise and a Japanese diet, and she was so pleased that she was working on another ten, though it really wasn't necessary.