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27-Jul-2017 20:24

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EPO is essential for Europe’s competitiveness in the world.Regarding the UPC, I was always against it not because of the word “unitary”, which is misleading anyway.Whistleblowers or civilians fighting against corruption never come off well.We worry a great deal that the EPO tarnishes the reputation of Europe in general.The European Commission needs to go back to the drawing board. Without the UK and Ireland in the UPC, what would even be the point of English as an official language? Then again, we have become used to Bristows’ lies; maybe they profit from this (enticing the gullible into paying for UPC ‘advice’/’consultation’).Watch the next comment in Corruption is worth it, thats the problem.He and his Croatian ‘bulldog’ continue to bully Corcoran not only in a court in Munich but also in Croatia. Battistelli’s successor, whom Battistelli promoted behind closed doors, is another Frenchman who is a longtime colleague/friend of Battistell. They feel the need to look out and reach out for job seekers.

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You can’t beat someone who does this day in, day out and has the resources of an organisation.

Yet the EPO said absolutely nothing about the Boards of Appeal scandal, only the Administrative Council (AC) did and it was a lie. As JUVE’s Mathieu Klos‏ has just put it: “According to a communiqué published yesterday, “… “This is so sick,” one EPO insider wrote, as Battistelli and the “AC are degrading ILOAT!

the Council expressed its satisfaction at having closed the case. Furthermore, ILOAT has become the laughingstock of the tribunals worldwide!

As we reported last week, despite the EPO’s president Benoit Battistelli being explicitly and repeatedly criticized for inappropriately trying to influence Corcoran’s case, it appeared that Battistelli had again interfered by revising documents at the last minute that were then considered by the council.

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The end result of that meeting was formally acknowledged in minutes released this week: Corcoran was reinstated but his position on the Boards of Appeal was not renewed.A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide) is the globally recognized standard for the practice of business analysis.