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16-Dec-2017 14:56

To dusre haath se main uski choot me ungli kar raha tha. Usne penty bhi nahi pahan rakhi thi, to meri ungli aasani se salwar ke upar se hi, uski choot me aa jaa rahi thi.

Wo bahut jor se madak awaze kar rahi thi – uuuuuuhhhhh..

Wo boli – haan Sonu, bahut maza aaaa a aa aa aaa aaaa raaa aaaa aaa haa aa hai. Kuch der ke baad, maine apni raftaar bada di or ab wo puri masti me aa chuki thi or masti me chudasi masti kar rahi thi.

Next morning I was a woken with a knock on the door and was greeted by my aunt, by the way, I need to call her Jane, rather than aunty as she preferred, who was only in her bra and panties, well you could have blown me down, all I could do was look at her beautiful body, her tits nestled in her cupped bra and her white panties looking so sexy on her, I sat up and then realised that maybe I should’nt have, because she was now looking at me in a strange way, then it clicked what she was a little surprised at seeing, as a TV I have been enhancing my breast, as well as a machine that sucks the breasts out I have also been taking pills to make them bigger, now she was looking at them, by now it was a little late to cover up so I sat there while she put the breakfast try down beside me, sleep well, she asked and I nodded, I was very aware of her now, more than ever, and it felt good, I was more than pleased knowing that she had seen my breasts, something I didn’t have to hide any more, she left the room and I tucked into the drink and toast, once I had finished I got out of bed to take a wash but before I could make it to the door it opened and she walked in, she looked over my naked body, from top to bottom and without a batter of an eye lid she asked if I had finished, I passed her the tray, she disappeared out the door, I could have come there and then so I decided that a wank would be the next best thing, I sat on the edge of the bed and started to caress my naked body till I was completely hard, let her come in now, I was saying to myself, she would get such a shock, and as I finished thinking of it she came back in, I sat there naked and hard, I didn’t even cover myself up, she smiled and said, you look like you are enjoying yourself, I will come back later, then she was gone again, I was so excited that she had caught me naked, from now on I knew she was alright seeing me naked, something that I would be doing more often. Apne pero ko kabhi upar to kabhi dono jaangho ko jor se daba rahi thi. Kuch der ke baad, usne apni choot se pani chor diya. Ab wo mujhe dekh rahi thi or jor – jor se haanf rahi thi.. Ab maine use chit litaya or uski gaand ke niche takiya lagaya.. Phir maine apne lund ka supada uski choot par rakh diya. wo jor se chillane lagi..nahi…uuuuuuu….uuuuufffffff… Wo apne haath se mere sir ko apni choot ke upar khich rahi thi. Phir maine himmat karke, uski shamiz ke upar se hi uske mammo par chutki kaati.. To main samjh agay, ki ye ladki aaj choot dene ke mood me hai. Phir maine uski shmiz ko thoda upar kholkar, uske ek mamme ko chustra raha. Bich – bich me kabhi uske hotho ka chumban bhi kar leta tha. Mera lund ab tann kar pura 90 degree ka ho chukka tha. Maine use bola – ise sahlao pahle.aage – piche karo…Wo wesa hi karne lagi. Wo jor – jor se sisyane lagi – ahahahahaha hhhhhhhmmmmmmmm Jab maine uski choot me ungli ki, wo mere lund ko jor – jor se aage – piche karne lagi or jor se ahahahah oooohhhh karne lagi. puri ras se bhigi hui…Uski choot par ek bhi baal nahi tha.

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Phir, maine uski shamiz ke upar se hi uske mamme dabane chalu kar diye or use kamare me le gaya or bistar par patak diya. Kam se kam 5 minute tak, main uske hotho ka chumban karta raha or phir uske ek mamme ko chusne laga. Ek haath se, main uske dusre mamme ko daba raha tha. Phir maine kuch der ke baad, maine uski salwaar bhi utaar di.

Hello, mera naam Sonu Chauhan hai or main Noida me rahta hu. Wo bahut hi jyada gori hai or uske mamme ka size 34 hai or sharir se thodi sthul lagti hai. Dil karta hai, ki use bas sahlata hi rahu or hamesha uski gaand me apna lund dale rahu. Wo or main dono ek saath or ek hi school me padte the. Ek din ki baat hai, meri fuferi bahan ki shaadi thi. Main bua or chacheri bahan ke saath me hone ke karan chup tha. Kuch dur jaane ke baad, wo mujhe chutki kaatne lagi. lekin kuch der baad, wo phir se chutki kaatne lagi. Ab mujhse raha nahi gaya or maine bhi uski baah me chutki kaat li, phir wo kuch nahi boli. Maine darwaja band kar diya or phir se uske mamme dabane shuru kar diye or chusta bhi raha.

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