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23-Sep-2017 16:56

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Additionally, he determined that an attacker could make a hoverboard stop suddenly, creating the risk for serious injury.

“Using reverse engineering and protocol analysis, I was able to discover a number of worrisome security threats,” continued Kilbride.

“For example, I determined that riders in the area were indexed using their smart phone’s GPS.

Therefore, each rider’s location was publicly available, so the hoverboards could be found, tracked, hijacked, and controlled without the rider’s knowledge.” The advisory also discusses the steps that should be taken by manufacturers to mitigate the various risks presented by the vulnerabilities identified, including firmware integrity checking, encryption, PIN authentication, and more.

The research was conducted by IOActive Embedded Devices Security Consultant, Thomas Kilbride, and is documented in a Security Advisory available on the IOActive website here: https:// PRO_“FTC regulations do require scooters to meet certain mechanical and electrical specifications to help avoid battery fires and various mechanical failures,” said Kilbride.“The trademark of an Offline event is that you’re having fun and meeting people without it feeling forced or transactional.” “The goal is to make people forget that it’s a dating event,” Yarbrough explains.