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27-Dec-2017 10:24

I came back late anticipating nothing more exciting than a solitary wank thinking about what I'd like to do with Marie, but there in the middle of the bed in my room was a pair of women's panties!They were sheeny cream satin, very brief, and smelled of that so erotic mixture of a woman's perfume and her sex juice.The camera quickly moved in for a close up between her thighs of her fingering her pussy. I watched the close up of her fingers ruffling her juice soaked pubic hair, stroking her vagina lips up and down and circling her clit.As Marie's fingers got more frantic and her cries became more excited the camera panned back to show her whole body as she pleasured herself. They sprang open to reveal pale pink panties, she hooked her thumb over the top hem and pulled the front down to show me the dark bush I'd had my eyes locked on as I'd wanked the night before.I worked my erection to maximum stiffness and sensitivity in readiness for a good hard wank.I was about to start masturbating when Clive strolled into view on the screen.

I'd be out taking pictures of birds, insects and flowers, while they were out watching football or in the pub chasing girls.As I watched she showed sex positions, on all fours for doggy and how she'd squat astride a guy to ride his rod on top, and lots of other hard core raunchy poses, spreading her legs so wide she was almost doing the splits, getting her boobs bouncing and swinging, and hungrily fingering her pussy as she displayed her hot assets!I didn't need Marie asking me to wet her knickers to encourage me to masturbate over the sight of her like that!Like always I didn't make any advance booking, but looked out for "Bed & Breakfast" signs along the road.

As dusk was falling I saw such a sign at an isolated farmhouse.

Marie rolled onto her back at the edge of the bed, spread and folded her legs so her knees were near her shoulders and slid her hand down between her legs to play with her cunt.