Dating dialogue

22-Jun-2017 03:11

Ask them about the aspects of their profile that most intrigue you and the parts that aren’t fully explained. But try to avoid these, or at least sprinkle them in with other more specific questions.

Don’t be afraid to throw in random questions, e.g.favorite/least favorite holidays, best party trick, memorable vacations, dream car. After you get responses, follow up with more detailed questions that build on the responses.

Coming up with good questions can be difficult, especially when you know nothing abouta person.

To get started, you can ask questions about the other person’s profile.

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A woman that I once dated wrote me email messages that would make me laugh out loud and vice-versa, but when we were together, we had nothing to say to one another. You can use it to determine a basic level of compatibility and weed out people who are wide off the mark, but it’s not sufficient to determine actual dating compatibility.

The more extensive your answer, the better the other person will understand you and the more material they’ll have to advance the conversation. If you answer a simple question with several paragraphs, they’ll think you’re self-absorbed.

If you’re asked a question that would take too long to answer, explain that you’d be happy to discuss it once you know one another a little better.

There’s a great Ralph Waldo Emerson quote: “Life consists of what a person is thinking about all day” This is true for one’s life in general -including one’s dating life.

Our thoughts become a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s as if the Universe is a giant copy machine that multiplies what you put in.At one point, I literally declared out loud in the presence of a close girlfriend that “This is my year for LOVE and I will find my Mr. It will feel real and factual and you’ll have evidence to back up your dialogue like examples from your dating history. Make over one of your old thoughts and practice thinking, speaking and acting in alignment with this new belief.

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