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Later as an old man, Jacob moved his family and flock to Egypt.Thus the Jacob sheep came to Egypt, and eventually into most of North Africa.Carcass yield is very high, compared with more improved breeds; there is very little waste.“Ewes need less supplemental feed than other sheep during times of nutritional stress, and usually lamb with no assistance.

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So Jacob agreed to keep feeding and tending the flocks if he could have all the spotted and speckled sheep and goats.Some went to roadside zoos and exotic animal farms, and some were crossed with other breeds, diluting the Jacob’s unique genetics.The gene pool was then augmented by more imports from Britain during the 1950s and 1960s.You can also read a list of the entries, without the map. Please contact Jacob at: ­e­m­a­i­l­@­J­a­c­o­b­-­H­e­a­d­.­c­o­m­. any opinions which appear to be expressed in the comments for each quinta are those of Jacob Head alone.

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Because of their striking appearance, the Jacob sheep were soon noticed by English noblemen and imported as a novelty for use as ornamental animals.