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God’s prohibition against idols is because he has called himself “a jealous God” (Deut. Catholics do not worship the Virgin Mary; rather, they greatly revere her.

Honor and veneration of the saints is called “dulia” while the veneration of the Virgin Mary is called “hyper-dulia”.

Further, no Christmas tree that I have seen has ever been carved with eyes, ears, a mouth, etc.

The third text of concern is Deuteronomy , 15 where Moses clearly states that God has “no form” and thus many non-Catholics exclaim that it is not known what God looks like.

Muslims do not allow for images of God — they assert, “Rendering images of God in Islam is an impossibility, and amounts to disbelief” ( He is jealous because as a father he wants the best for us his children and he knows that the idols can do no good (see Jer. No wooden idol has the capacity to give his Law, to establish a covenant with his people or to love his people.

Neither does Judaism for it “firmly maintains that G-d has no body” and adds that, “Any reference to G-d’s body is simply a figure of speech, a means of making G-d’s actions more comprehensible to beings living in a material world” ( Idols do not have a will but with God we can know and choose to follow his will. Not really because God was against the carving of idols where one could bow down and worship them.

We know that those who have gone before us are indeed dead in the body but not in spirit…they are quite capable of praying and interceding for us.

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When God makes such declarations to his people (or even when prophets prophesy) what comes forth “from the mouth of God” MUST be relevant for the times of the hearers.Many articles have been written by those outside of the Church who make the claim that Catholics are heathen idol-worshipers.