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05-Nov-2017 00:27

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Sadly Tom one of my very best friends passed away in his early fifties from colon cancer, far, far to young to say the least.His two favorite bands in the world were Led Zeppelin and you guessed it Styx. Thanks again Tom, I'll picture you now in a gathering of angels.I had decided to turn my one car garage into a small rehearsal space for the band while we assembled some songs for our first record.It was in this garage that I wandered out one day in hopes of writing a song that would make the album.I know for sure the lyrics I came up with were written to describe Suzanne, who even at a young age had always maintained the aura and dignity of a true "lady".

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In 1979 Tom would quit his job and come to work for the band as an assistant to the tour manager.It's good to have high expectations and goals because every once in a while you could fall over yourself head first into something special.