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Instead, she remained largely holed up in a conference room, surrounded by her inner circle.Half-empty food containers and cups of stale coffee and green juice were strewn on the table as she strategized with a phalanx of trusted advisers, including Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, then Theranos’s president and C. O.; Heather King, the company’s general counsel; lawyers from Boies, Schiller & Flexner, the intrepid law firm; and crisis-management consultants. There wasn’t a decision—from the number of American flags framed in the company’s hallway (they are ubiquitous) to the compensation of each new hire—that didn’t cross her desk.She finally had to address her employees at Theranos, the blood-testing start-up that she had founded as a 19-year-old Stanford dropout, which was now valued at some billion.

During the two days in the war room, according to numerous insiders, Holmes heard various response strategies.

Absent a plan, Holmes embarked on a familiar course—she doubled down on her narrative. During the trip, Holmes fielded calls from her advisers in the war room.

She left the war room for her car—she is often surrounded by her security detail, which sometimes numbers as many as four men, who (for safety reasons) refer to the young C. She and her team decided on an interview with Jim Cramer, the host of CNBC’s , with whom she had a friendship that dated from a previous interview. Cramer generously began the interview by asking Holmes what had happened.

Finally, it seemed, there was a female innovator who was indeed able to personify the Valley’s vision of itself—someone who was endeavoring to make the world a better place.

Holmes’s real story, however, was a little more complicated.And, as a then dark-haired 19-year-old first-year at Stanford University’s School of Chemical Engineering, she already comported herself in a distinctly Jobsian fashion.