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VR video has the potential to allow researchers to share fieldwork in radically new ways.And create an opportunity for students to experience activities and places, unlike anything previous fieldwork technology has allowed.It will also bring awareness to the limitations and viability of various technological solutions.Megan Strickfaden is a migrant who has lived in seven exotic countries including Canada.

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A VR pedagogical film is no longer passive, it creates a VR environment that students can explore.The reward (beyond successful delivery) has been working with some amazing people and learning a tremendous amount from them, some of which I can now share with you.Over the last decade, the Himalayas, has not only become a potential energy frontier to meet world’s surging energy demands, but an opportunity for those in the state seeking political and financial independence.In his spare time, Allan volunteers as a first aid responder with St Johns Ambulance and works as a lifeguard with the City of Edmonton. Automobile companies around the world are fighting to be the first ones to launch the ultimate autonomous vehicle that will solve the world’s transportation problems.

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But can they make the mark and satisfy all the wants, desires and expectations of our diverse and needy society? This talk focuses on a recent collaboration with researchers at Cambridge’s Engineering Design Centre.

She currently makes a home in Edmonton’s University of Alberta at the Department of Human Ecology.