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13-Sep-2017 05:37

I chose "Install Now" for purposes of the review (Figure), though as I mentioned previously, I would never do this on my day-to-day machine, preferring to choose the exact components I wish to install.

Once you've determined what you want to install, sit back and relax: Office will install onto your machine, but it's going to take a while (Figure).

Subscription renewals can be completed over the Internet or by telephone.

Regardless of the type of licensing mode you choose, if the product key is entered incorrectly, not entered at all, or the subscription license period expires, Office slips into a "reduced functionality mode," which allows you to view documents but not create new ones, or save changes to existing documents.

You also get to choose the path of installation, which is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office by default.

Honestly, individuals are best served by choosing the custom install, which can save hundreds of megabytes of drive space, though it's fairly monotonous.

The Beta 2 release required a full 10 minutes to install the recommended feature-set.

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In the next step, you can choose to "Install Now," which will install the most commonly used features (read: The components that Microsoft wants you to install, not the features most-often used by actual users), or choose a complete or custom installation (Figure).

The Office XP CIW will likely ship with the Office Resource Kit, as it does with the current version of the product.

This tool allows you to customize Office for corporate deployments (See my showcase on this topic), and the new version adds security settings, numerous new Outlook profile configuration settings, and more.

Additionally, Office XP can be installed remotely from a Web or FTP server using an administrative installation image created with the CIW. I will be covering most of these tools and features in a future part of this review.

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Interactive Setup Office XP Setup vaguely resembles the interactive setup for Office 2000, though this version utilizes a newer version of the Microsoft Installer and offers a number of improvements over its predecessor.You are guided through the installation by the Microsoft Office Installation Wizard (Figure), which presents a familiar multi-dialog setup routine.