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I've never been married for exactly the reason you're describing. So I would suggest just listening and letting her vent. I got a GED when I was 21 and it doesn't mean anything to me now.You can also write an anonymous letter and mail it to her. But do not get into the argument in person because you're only going to lose. I'm still a high school dropout and I like the fact that I've had a good life without that.If you were wondering whether there is still an audience for cringe humor in 2017, you can find out on Dec. Stand-up comedian, author and former co-host of the Opie and Anthony radio show, Jim Norton, and opener Kelsey Cook, will make the case that there is.Norton was heading to Richard Pryor’s hometown of Peoria in Illinois while he spoke to the Montclair Times.If he steers you wrong, take it up with him on Twitter.Realize that doing comedy is only going to make your depression worse. But realize that if you continue drinking you'll wind up driving into a car and killing someone.

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He then missed some schooling, including his graduation from high school, after his alarmed parents sent him to a rehab facility in Princeton, New Jersey for one month, where he continued to sneak in alcohol but changed his thinking and completed the course at 18.

After becoming a stand-up comedian in 1990, Norton spent his early years developing his act.

His appearances on The Louie Show caught the attention of comedian Andrew Dice Clay in 1997, who chose Norton to open for him for his shows.

Asked if this was a difficult environment, he replied, “I’m a dirty guy but I don’t like the idea of the other person not being consenting...” adding, “I am very comfortable talking about this because I don’t have anything to hide.”How does one continue on that path in a climate where people are calling out harassment?

“The problem is when there is a power dynamic that is unspoken but there,” said Norton.

“What’s not in a good place is predatory behavior and that shouldn’t be in a good place.”As for what to expect at the show in Montclair, he said, “I talk about whatever is falling apart in my life plus whatever is falling apart in the country.”When asked about President Donald Trump, the comedian said, "I am not a zealot who hates him so much that nothing he does is right.”Norton claims that “Electing Trump is the bravest thing people did in a long time.