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Arrests: The Alameda County District Attorney's Office has prepared a 22-page article on the law of arrests, including the rules for making warrantless arrests, obtaining arrest warrants, and various procedural and post-arrest requirements. "Although the smaller batons may be easier to handle, these lighter batons simply cannot generate the force of larger, heavier batons.

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Another article summarizes findings from an NIJ-sponsored conference about suicide terrorism.

Mesloh, 9 (1) Law Enforcement Executive Forum 121-128 (2009).

A baton that is too light or too small may cause an officer to strike a subject repeatedly to effectively control a suspect, which is perceived badly by both the media and the public.

Only four used armor vests tested met all performance criteria under NIJ's body armor standard for new body armor.

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In the tests, age and appearance of used Zylon-based vests were ineffective predictors of potential ballistic performance.

More information and a version of the guide are available at Cutting Data are drawn from several federally funded collections, including the National Crime Victimization Survey, Youth Risk Behavior Survey, School Survey on Crime and Safety, and the Schools and Staffing Survey.